Working alongside Tyler Gilmer-Reeves, who was another student from the Design Factory Melbourne Local Stream Honours program, we were tasked with investigating and addressing social isolation. Taking a user-centred design approach to innovation, we had applied Standford’s d.School design process for developing our solution. Throughout this thirteen-week project, our solution became more and more relevant with the introduction of Melbourne’s second lockdown.
Development began with secondary research to better understand the nuances surrounding social isolation. This had given better context to frame a challenge statement. In addition to a review of current academic literature, primary research was conducted to better comprehend the lived experience of the core demographic, men over the age of 55 who live within Victoria, Australia. With a greater understanding, ideation had led us to design a service and visual communication concept which was branded Huddle. Huddle is a group cooking experience delivered to your door, aimed to facilitate more meaningful conversations through cooking and group activities, in order to create more meaningful connections. It has been prototyped using service design exercises and digital visualisations, which was then evaluated by core stakeholders. Huddle is aimed to be desirable, feasible and viable with the distinct aim of reducing subjective social isolation within Victorian men over 55.
Final solution
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