Login is a response to a brief from the unit, Design for Production. The brief was to take an existing product and the supplied packaging net, and develop an identity system ready for print. This was quite a simple and open brief; however, this provided a space for which anything was possible. At this point in my studies, I wanted to develop something sophisticated in a visual means, but simple in strategy; this was an opportunity to flex those deign muscles.
After supporting the fundraising campaign for Tiller and receiving the product, I decided to use this as the basis for the design exercise. Tiller is a time tracking device, used for monitoring hours spent; as a physical product, it reminds the worker to touch on and off the clock.
Using time as theme, each colour of the device was correlated to a day of the week, with a bar graph used as a visual cue which was wrapped around the pack. Intentionally abstract at first, the pack’s visual narrative is understood the more the user views each panel; the entire concept is only revealed after viewing all sides of the pack. This is all initiated by the ‘call to investigate’ slogan on the front side which is "track time better".
The other important feature of this pack is that it demonstrates my design process through a documentation journal. This shows my iterative design development to reach the final solution, which is shown as a flatpack in the first few pages of the journal.
Documentation book

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