For one of units of the Design Management minor, titled Creativity and Innovation, we were given the brief to tackle the ‘wicked problem’ of housing and accommodation. In a group full of business students, we together explored this broad brief through design thinking. 
In conducting our research and interviews, we discovered how little care international students were given once they had arrived to study in Melbourne and how difficult it was to find accommodation. With an international student in our group, we decided to follow the principles and processes defined by IDEO, and use human-centred design to create a solution for our defined problem; international student accommodation.
In our group of four, we proposed MyMove, a user-centred experience that helps international students to not only locate new accommodation, but also find roommates with similar interests (MyNetwork), and help them maintain their lease while they live in Melbourne (MyPlace). 
Selected pages from the report

Identity Design

MyMove Collateral
MyNetwork Collateral

MyPlace Collateral

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