As a result of achieving high marks for Branding and Identity Design, I was recommended by Assoc. Prof. Simone Taffe to Mark Schleser. He was looking to create an event identity for the screening of the 2017 graduate films from the film and animation department. Not only were families and students present but industry sponsors and leaders also attended. The brief was to create a high quality identity that could be continuously used in the future and would bring prestige to the event since it would be presented at ACMI for the first time.
To develop the brand, I worked along side Grace Kirby for the identity creation and Anna Harper for the material for the 2017 event. As all three of us travelled overseas at different times during development, I art directed the project.
We came up with the idea of basing the identity on the concept of the frame. Since cropping and framing are important parts of film and animation, the core idea the identity was to make the event a snapshot or a frame of the graduating year. Importantly, cropping was regularly used as a visual technique in production of materials for the event.
Screening at ACMI
Presented at Cinema Two, which had a full audience of 390 seats.
Brand manual

Unused invites
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